Patronatul Petrolului din Romania

Patronatul Petrolului din Romania
  • "Romania –
    first country in the world
    registered by that
    international statistics
    with extraction oil
    in the years 1857 and 1858"

    Prof Bujor Almasan

  • Romania has been noted
    by the important place
    it has in the production and
    exports of oil equipment.

  • "Sovereign
    among fuels,
    Oil is everywhere
    due to petrochemicals"

    Rene Sedillot

  • "All these pipes travel
    the world just like arteries
    and blood vessels in the
    human body - but no longer
    return to the source.
    They distribute
    toward Nations
    a vital substance"

    Rene Sedillot

PPR Development

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Brand Identity

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Target and Perspectives

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PPR Consultancy

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Short description

Petroleum Employers' Association of Romania is a Romanian legal entity of private law, independent, apolitical, non-governmental, without patrimonial purpose and non-profit organization established in accordance with the Law on Employers 356/2001 and OG 26/2000, Social Dialogue Law 62/2011 with future additions.

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